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About us.

California College of Music is a forward-thinking college for modern popular music that offers programs in both performance (voice, guitar, bass, drums, and piano/keyboard emphases) and songwriting and music production. Our longest program is the 18-month Associate of Science in Music Performance degree program; we also offer the 12-month Certificate in Songwriting & Music Production and Certificate in Music Performance programs, the 6-month Apprentice in Music Performance program, and the 8-week Preparatory Quarter program.

Originally founded in 1999 as Pasadena International Music Academy, our institution was renamed California College of Music in 2008 and first blossomed under the leadership of legendary trombonist Wayne Henderson of The Crusaders and Grammy-winning producer Reggie Dozier, who designed our College’s facilities to function as a professional-grade recording studio. In recent years, under the capable direction of our current Dean & Chief Academic Officer Chris Kapica, M.M., and our institutional Board of Directors, California College of Music has become known for its distinguished faculty of experienced music industry professionals, its focus on popular music performance and production, and the encouraging environment it provides for its students and the community at large to participate in music-making.

Our mission is to educate musicians effectively, empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to express themselves dynamically through modern popular music. Our vision is to create an inspiring, diverse, and inclusive higher education space in which students, faculty, and members of the community may gather together to study, create, perform, record, and share music.


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